Thursday, August 16, 2012


I wanted to take a minute to check in about my week and my progress...

This week has been interesting, but I've achieved a higher level of focus than ever before.  Despite some obstacles and setbacks, I am forging ahead and making myself truly proud.

I'm on track to meet my fitness minutes this week; it helps that the weather has been so gorgeous!  I did my walk/jog loop on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, while I did some strenuous yard work and some basic resistance training on Wednesday.  I surprised myself this afternoon with a burst of energy at the end of my walk, and I sprinted the half-block home.  Although this doesn't sound like a huge accomplishment, it really is a big deal for me.  I don't think I've moved so fast in years--I felt so free!

One hidden benefit to my afternoon cardio sessions is that it gives me some much needed time alone.  For those 20-30 minutes, I allow myself the luxury of thinking about myself for a change.  I process the day's events and center myself; I think about goals, ambitions, and wants.  I'm not sure if it's the exercise, the self-care, or both... but I have felt very centered all week long.

If I haven't eaten perfectly, at least I've eaten well all week.  The first couple days were difficult, but now I find myself craving less junk food.  I was also pleased to find that my hunger levels have been significantly lower.  This may because of the small, frequent "meals" or my increase in water consumption.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten enough sleep all week, but I haven't been beating myself up about it.  At least the sleep I have gotten is deeper, more restful, and I actually feel refreshed (once I've had my coffee, mind).  Likewise, I have yet to start up a Spark People account, but I do plan on tackling that goal this weekend.

I've been practicing two mantras this week.  One is an old standby that aids in the removal of obstacles.  The  other is a new favorite--"I can and I will!"  Love.

Finally, I have two major victories to share.  I have officially lost 5 pounds since around Wednesday of last week (although I suspect much of this is water weight, it's motivating nonetheless!)  Also, today when I stepped on the scale, I clocked in at 249.8.  Instead of seeing the long way I have to go, I'm seeing the progress I've made already--this is the first time I have weighed in in the 240's in probably at least six months!

A great weekend awaits ~

★ jenna

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