Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Dream, My Way

Just a quick note before bed; I wanted to make sure I touched in with the goals I have developed for myself this week.

1 -- Perform 100 minutes of exercise/physical activity.
2 -- Drink 64 ounces of water on at least 5 days.
3 -- Make overall healthy food choices on at least 5 days.
4 -- Practice being aware while eating; no more mindless snacking.
5 -- Create a Spark People account.
6 -- Journal and/or blog on at least 4 days.
7 -- Mediate and/or mantra on at least 3 days.
8 -- Get a full 8 hours of sleep each day.

I understand that these goals are vague.  At this point, I want them to be.  I have a tendency to be too hard on myself.  Historically, one goal violation sends me flying off the bandwagon, and I wind up worse than I was before.  I realize that I have many bad habits that need to be changed, and I'd be setting myself up for failure if I expected perfection.  One breath at a time, one bite at a time, one day at a time.

I went for another walk/jog today.  I pushed myself a little harder this time, doing four or five shorter jogging intervals (about 30-60 seconds each) instead of one longer interval (about 90 seconds).  I didn't experience as much cardiovascular fatigue as I did last time--no burning breaths, no aching teeth.  This time around, my muscles and joint are particularly sore, and especially around the ankle.  It's hard to tell if I'm sore because I'm overweight and pushing my physical limitations or if it's because I have poor running form, but this is something I'll need to look into if I intend to become a more serious "runner."

Time to recharge for tomorrow... I'm off to work on #8!

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