Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Progress is Success

My poor, neglected blog!

I'm trying not to beat myself up too much for not updating sooner.  "Bittersweet" is the only way to describe this past week.  I have accomplished many goals and made myself so incredibly proud, but life has a funny way of balancing itself out.  My uncle-by-choice passed away early yesterday morning after a 9-month battle against leukemia.  I'm processing this loss in other outlets (i.e., my private journal), but in sum, we all know how much death sucks.  I don't think it's hit me yet.

This past week, I met or exceeded most of my goals.  Here's an itemized re-cap of last week:
  • Got in 110 fitness minutes!
  • Averaged 80-100 ounces of water every day!
  • Made overall healthy food choices every day!
  • Practiced mindful eating with only one transgression -- Just one little doughnut!
  • Re-activated my Spark People account! -- Follow me here:  PALEPHOENIX
  • Only journaled once, but that's better than nothing.
  • Only got about 6-7 hours of sleep each night.
  • Didn't get in much mantra or meditation.
I'm digging the weekly breakdown!  Think I'll stick with it in coming weeks.

I don't think I'm going to force eight goals upon myself this week... in retrospect, that's probably a lot to take on at once.  I have to remember -- baby steps, baby steps.  Here are my goals for this week:

1 -- Perform 100+ minutes of exercise/physical activity.
2 -- Drink 64+ ounces of water every day.
3 -- Stay in my calorie range on at least 5 days.
4 -- Make a genuine effort to get 8 hours of sleep on at least 5 days.
5 -- Continue to journal and work on blog pages.

As always, I'm eager to push myself, but I also need to be cautious of burnout and injury.  Unfortunately, I've been having some problems with my right knee  and both shins--I think these are exercise-related "injuries."  I've self-diagnosed my shin problems as shin splints (thank you, WebMD) but I still need to look into home care for the pain.

I've never been a runner before, and I imagine that I probably have horrible form.  It doesn't help that I'm carrying around so much extra weight, and that I'm a huge klutz anyways.  This weekend I'm going to look into arch support insoles for my running shoes to see if that helps.  I also plan on incorporating a warm up/cool down segment to my workouts.  It's something I should have been doing all along, really.

Most importantly, this week, I'm going to be kind to myself.  If I'm in a lot of pain, I might not get in all of my fitness minutes... or it might be a steady walk instead of a walk/run.  I'm going to be okay with whatever I'm capable of, and know that I continue to make progress in the right direction.

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